SPEED braces are a revolutionary system and leaders in self-ligating (friction free) treatment. Since their introduction, all orthodontic companies have tried to copy the self-ligating mechanism, but only the SPEED brace has a built-in active sliding spring door, making it the gold standard in orthodontic care.

SPEED brace allows us to create radiant smiles in less time and with much less discomfort. This friction-free environment, combined with the natural forces of your muscles, will allow Dr. Anand to maximize arch development -- giving you a broader smile and more lip support without the need for removing healthy teeth.

From the instant your SPEED braces are inserted, you will be amazed by how quickly your teeth change. Indeed, when the active sliding door is deflected by the orthodontic wire, it immediately starts to reposition the tooth. This allows for precise tooth positioning, giving you the smile of your dreams.

With the SPEED braces, your orthodontic treatment time will be greatly reduced and much more predictable. Because the active sliding spring door applies a light but constant corrective pressure, the Speed brace keeps working even in between appointments – which means you will be done with your braces in no time.