At Anand Orthodontics, we specialze in creating beautful smiles!

For orthodontic patients whom wish to flash a fashionable smile, colors are really heating up. Indeed, patients can choose from a range of soft pastels that coordinate with a wardrobe, go for bright, seasonal hues for celebrating holidays, or even express their school spirit.

Colors appear mainly on the elastic ties that bind the wires to the brackets. These ties can be altered when the wires are changed.

Braces add splash of color to all occasions

Patients can celebrate year-round with every smile, such as going with orange and black for Halloween, red and white for Valentine's Day and green and red for Christmas.

A popular option for many adults is to switch to different colors whenever they need to have their braces adjusted, such as for a sports fanatic, for whom it represents a unique way to express loyalty to his college or pro team.

Arch wires also are available in many striking colors-from metallic red and green all the way to gold.